Temporary home arrives

131b-Caravan-arrives--nov-5_edited-1The owner of the Chapel kindly let us site the caravan a few days before completion.
131b-Toogoods_edited-1On 5 November 2013 Hampshire Caravans turned up in fine weather with the static caravan on an articulated lorry that couldn’t even get the caravan in the gate.They came completely unprepared, despite providing all the site details including measurements and photos. Even if they could have got it off the lorry, they weren’t going to get far with a just a Land Rover fitted with road tyres and no front winch.

In the end Toogoods Caravans, who unfortunately hadn’t had anything in stock when we needed our caravan, came to the rescue. 131b-Static-ramp_edited-1With Hampshire Caravans doing nothing more than scratching their heads and causing traffic chaos in the road, I called Toogoods and ask them if I could pay them to site the caravan. They agreed and I sent Hampshire caravans to Toogoods’ yard in Weston-super-Mare and the caravan was left with them.131b-Static-halfway_edited-1

The next day, 6th November a team from Toogoods arrived with the right vehicles and equipment. Through skill and sheer determination they managed the difficult siting. 131b-Static-winch

131b-Static-tight_edited-1131b-Static-almost-(2)_edited-1Winching the caravan up the slope, repositioning the Land Rover, then winching a little further, in what was now horribly wet weather and very slippery ground.  Inch by inch they manoeuvred the 9 metre caravan into the tight space. Getting it level was a doddle after that!





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