First Sight of Chapel

17th May 2013 – while contemplating how aggressive fences can be, I came across the Rightmove listing for “The Old Chapel”.

I phoned the agent Hollis Morgan and was advised that a pre-auction offer had fallen through and the seller was going to keep it unless it could be sold quickly. I jumped in the car and went to take a look. 138-chapel-from-roadI knew two things immediately, it was perfect and that we had little to no chance of getting it, our house wasn’t even on the market! It now seemed there were 3 other parties interested in the Chapel, all in a better position to move.

With Ruari back from school and Kirsten back from work, I took them both to see it – wondering if I should, as it was such a pipe dream. Needless to say Kirsten was as taken as me, Ruari was very teenager and thought it was alright, although to be fair on this occasion his enthusiasm was undoubtedly dampened by the prospect of leaving the only home he had ever known.Chapel-left-copy_edited-1

With little hope of being able to move fast enough we decided to do some essential repairs and  put our house on the market. Vainly hoping we might still have a shot at “The Old Chapel”.

138-Chapel-west-end-230th May 2013 – hopes dashed – Hollis Morgan advises the seller has accepted a cash offer on the Chapel . We decide to press on with the sale of  our house and start looking around for other interesting properties.

Mid June we hear that the prospective Chapel buyer won’t have the cash for a while so hopes are re-kindled a little. Another buyer is still in the frame but it  seems there is now a chance.

26th June 2013 our property details go live. Almost immediately, 4th July 2013,  we get our first viewing and full asking price offer, sadly it falls through almost as quickly. Second viewing, second full price offer follows within a week, this time it sticks.

15th July we make our offer on the Chapel which is accepted the next day, on the condition that it proceeds quickly.garage-back

Unfortunately there is a chain and without going into to detail, more than 3 months of frustration, stress and the apparent inattention of conveyancers meant it was not until October 24th that we finally exchange on our property and the Chapel.

138-chapel-guardI can only thank the seller for his patience and Hollis Morgan for being unlike other estate agents. Throughout the process they were attentive, supportive and when we were considering other properties demonstrated they listened, only showing us suitable properties not just anything on their books.

We had originally considered moving into rental during the project, but prices, availability and our dog quickly led us to decide to live on site in a static van. We now had less than 3 weeks to find a suitable van and get it on site on the 11th November. In the end the seller kindly allowed us to put it on site a few days before completion.

It was summer when we originally thought about living in a caravan on site so we hadn’t expected to be moving in and setting up the middle of the winter. Our dog was just happy to be going there regardless of the weather!







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