The Chapel Project

The chapel start to finish

Installing the lower-ground steels.

On 12th September the steels arrived. Following the structural engineer’s specifications and with helpful advice from the steel supplier we got on with installing the steels. With rough stone walls setting things out was quite a challenge, but by taking plenty of cross-referenced measurements we had the positions marked out. […]



Preparing footings for the steels.

Steel stanchions would support the steel beams at the front wall of the chapel. For the right hand footing we had to cut some rock away before regularising with 40N concrete, for the left hand footing we had to dig down to expose the solid rock and again regularise with 40N concrete. With […]

Checking the foundations

The engineer requires that we inspect the wall foundations.  Feeling a bit uncomfortable about disturbing something that has stood for so long, with out any sign of subsidence or failure, we carefully excavate trenches along the walls. The solid stone external walls are 60cm wide, the front and rear walls are built along the on top […]



Planning & Preparation

Finally on 11th November 2013 the purchase was completed. Now before we could move into the caravan we needed to connect it to gas canisters, electric, water, and the sewer, so while I worked on making the site habitable, we stayed in a local hotel for a few days moving in to the caravan on […]

Temporary home arrives

The owner of the Chapel kindly let us site the caravan a few days before completion. On 5 November 2013 Hampshire Caravans turned up in fine weather with the static caravan on an articulated lorry that couldn’t even get the caravan in the gate.They came completely unprepared, despite providing all […]


Chapel Road small

First Sight of Chapel

17th May 2013 – while contemplating how aggressive fences can be, I came across the Rightmove listing for “The Old Chapel”. I phoned the agent Hollis Morgan and was advised that a pre-auction offer had fallen through and the seller was going to keep it unless it could be sold quickly. I jumped […]